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Canadian Franchises
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Canadian Franchises

Canadian Franchises

Franchise Article Author: The Franchise Guide

The simple truth is that any business and any idea can be franchised. This is what Canadian Franchises believe in. The word Franchise in the directory in described as a special privilege granted. It was also described as the wave of the future by the futurist. In today’s environment, Franchising is simply a method of doing business through the marketing of a product or service. Franchising offers people the freedom to own, manage and direct their own business within an established framework created by the Franchiser who then grants the privilege to operate within the guidelines of the proven structure. Canadian franchisers have known it all. They are making big profits as franchisee.

Richard Cunningham president of the Canadian Franchise Association recently stated franchising represents $100 billion in sales in Canada, employs more than 1 million Canadians directly and continued to grow at double digits during the last four years of the 1990’s. He stated, Canada is one of the franchise capitals of the world, led only by the U.S. In Canada, franchising accounts for over 45% of retail sales.

The public in the world is increasingly attracted to recognize brand names because of the perception that they will receive quality, consistency, convenience, friendly service and value. Customers become loyal to a brand and usually are reluctant to switch provided their expectations are met. Canadian Franchises have realized the awesome power franchising has in developing and controlling a market through a network of owner operators, supported by a brand identification, a successful method of doing business, a proven marketing strategy, purchasing power, strong training programs and ongoing comprehensive support. Canadian Franchises reaps the benefits of the vigor and resourcefulness of local private ownership and can therefore dominate an existing market or enter new markets at a rapid rate by attracted those qualified individuals who are seeking an opportunity to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

The Canadian franchises have a solid footing in the fast food chains like ‘Custom Café’ or ‘Blendz’ or ‘Blimpie’, retail franchises, health franchises, and work from home business. Canadian Franchises have rapidly expanded in recent years. Canadian franchises do extensive advertising in a given market because the costs are spread among many units. This combination of having many high profile locations with large advertising budgets is a competitive advantage that can’t be overcome.

Prospective franchisees should also be aware that the Canadian Franchise Association requires its member franchisers to provide a disclosure document to prospective franchisees. Indeed, the Canadian Franchise Association is a strong supporter of the concept of “disclosure” and encourages prospective franchisees to “investigate before investing”. Franchising can be a rewarding and lucrative business method, and there are lots of very happy and successful Canadian Franchises out there. But the fact is that this type of regulation is the norm and should be there for situations where franchisees are at risk.

Today’s marketplace changes very quickly, often if you do not move quickly on expanding a concept, someone else will. The window of opportunity will close, and Canadian franchises just do not let it close.

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