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7-Eleven Franchise
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7-Eleven Franchise

7-Eleven Franchise

Franchise Article Author: The Franchise Guide

7-Eleven is an international franchiser, licensor, and operator of the largest chain of convenience stores in eighteen countries including Canada, United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico in the Americas; Norway, Sweden and Denmark in Europe; Taiwan, People's Republic of China (China), Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan in East Asia; the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in Southeast Asia; and also Turkey and Australia. 7-Eleven's focus is on meeting the needs of convenience oriented customers by providing a reliable, fresh assortment of high quality products. . 7-Eleven has been recognized by Entrepreneur as a Top Ten franchise every year for the last five years and by many other experts over the years. They are among the world's premiere convenience store retailers with a long, proud history that dates back more than 75 years.

The company was founded in Oak Cliff, Texas, USA, which is now part of Dallas, USA, in 1927, and started to use the 7-Eleven name in 1946. 7-Eleven purchased a chain of stores in 1964 called "Speedee-Mart", which initiated the company's entry into franchising supermarket chain. Ito-Yokado, which operates 7-Eleven stores in Japan, purchased the majority interest of The Southland Corporation in 1991. In 1999, The Southland Corporation changed its name to 7-Eleven, Inc.

7-Eleven, Inc.’s franchise system is among the most field intensive in the franchising industry. A management personnel visits the franchisees at least once every week for a several hour appointment and counsel with them on all aspects of their business. The company provides experienced assistance and advice, but store business decisions are made by the franchisee.

The 7-Eleven franchise system is like no other in the world. As a leader in the franchise industry for over 40 years, it offers a proven retail operation with a world famous trademark, and the average initial cash investment is reasonable. Best of all, 7-Eleven franchisees receive assistance and support all the way. 7-Eleven has much to be proud of, most especially its history of innovation, its relationship with its franchisees, its involvement in the community and its proprietary Retail Information System which enables each store to change as the needs of its customers change.

7-Eleven, Inc. owns or leases the land on which the 7-Eleven store sits. The company develops the building, provides the store equipment and pays the utilities. A 7-Eleven franchisee does not own the property, store or equipment, but rather, leases or subleases it from 7-Eleven, Inc. as part of the franchise agreement. As the franchiser, 7-Eleven, Inc. provides comprehensive initial training to franchisees on how to operate and manage their stores. In addition to a proven 'turnkey' operating system and comprehensive training, 7-Eleven provides ongoing support and services, including advertising, accounting, payroll and monthly financial and marketing records preparation for the franchisee's individual store. The training of the franchisee comprises of working in a 7-Eleven store environment for six weeks

7-Eleven is also committed to a merchandising strategy that differentiates it from all its competitors. They have increased its proprietary line of items to drive more traffic to their stores. Now, not only these outlets are known internationally for things like the Slurpee, the big Gulp, and the Big Bite hot dog, they have expanded the food service offerings to include a line of fresh items, things like sandwiches and wraps, and fresh baked goods which are prepared and delivered daily. Ultimately it all comes down to 7-Eleven's commitment to satisfying the customer. Today, over 3,300 U.S. stores are operated by franchisees who are dedicated to giving 7-Eleven customers ‘what they want, when they want it' by providing a reliable, fresh assortment of high quality products, speedy transactions, everyday fair prices and a clean, safe and friendly environment in which they can shop.

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