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AIS Media Franchise

Learn About AIS Media Franchises

AIS Media Franchise

Partner with a leading Internet services & technology company to capitalize on the high demand for professional Internet services in your local area. Investment starts at $19,995.

Internet services is BIG business

Forrester Research, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and virtually every major business publication in the world has reported on it. Online retail sales are on track to top $229 billion by 2008. And that figure is only going to grow!

A recent study found that 53% of small businesses have a Web site. Only 39% of those have an interactive Web site, in the sense that customers can search a database, place orders, or receive responses through the site.*
*Source: National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) 2005

Explosive market demand

As Internet use among consumers continues to skyrocket, so, too, does the number of businesses seeking to market their products and services online. All of these businesses are clamoring for a full range of professional Internet services, yet the service provider industry remains dominated by small contractors with limited technical capabilities and credibility.

Partnering with AIS Media and becoming a certified eBSP (eBusiness Solutions Provider) offers you a unique opportunity to capitalize on this growth. You can be the one business in your area people turn to for the full range of vital Internet services they need and earn handsome profits -- and you don't need a technical background. You can enjoy personal satisfaction and financial rewards providing services such as:

  • eBusiness strategy consulting
  • Website design & redesign
  • Web hosting, domain registration & business email
  • Professional programming
  • Credit card processing
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Audio/video streaming... and more!

No technical background required

Although technical experience can be helpful, itís not required. As a certified eBSP, your role is to consult businesses and help them select the appropriate e-business solution(s). Serving as your "back-office", all the complex technical aspects, such as project management, website development and hosting, are performed by AIS Media on your behalf. This greatly reduces your learning curve and enables you to focus your time on growing your client base.

Advantages of eBSP certification


A federally registered trademark, "eBSP" is a symbol of trust, reliability and guaranteed quality service for customers. Being a certified eBSP boosts your credibility and gives more customers the confidence to do business with you, knowing that the Internet technologies and services youíre providing are backed by an established and reputable market leader.

AIS Media pioneered eBSP licensing and certification in 2002. Modeled after partner programs offered by some of the largest computer hardware and software companies in the world such Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and IBM, the eBSP (eBusiness Solutions Provider) program is revolutionizing the Internet services industry by establishing quality standards and service excellence.

Executive-level income potential

As a certified eBSP, you are trained and authorized to resell AIS Mediaís technologies and services to businesses in your area under your own company name. You simply purchase the services your clients need directly from AIS Media, at confidential wholesale rates (up to 70% below retail), resell them at your own retail rates and keep 100% of your profits. Many of these services also earn you monthly recurring revenue. There are NO royalties and NO minimum sales quotas.

Key advantages over traditional Internet franchises...

The unique eBSP program was specifically developed to deliver all of the key benefits of a traditional Internet franchise with the unique added advantages of greater earning potential, flexibility, lower overhead and fewer restrictions. Here are some of the key advantages our partners enjoy every day:

  • Operate under your own company name
  • No franchise fee
  • No royalties - keep 100% of your profits
  • Up to 70% profit margins
  • Complete project management provided
  • All projects developed in the U.S. - faster turnaround time
  • No minimum sales quotas
  • No territory restrictions - do business anywhere
  • Freedom to diversify your business with complementary services

Here's what some other partners are saying:

"This project is a $20,000 website -- I'll be making about 60% profit. And on the research, I pocketed over $8,000!"

Rick C., FL
Premier Level eBSP

"On my very first project, I made a 56% profit margin, which is phenomenal!"

Gregg M., MN
Associate Level eBSP

"Our first project was real estate. it was about a 60% profit margin. Very happy with that!"

Madonna H., DE
Executive Level eBSP

Get the FREE confidential information and check availability in your area now

Think about it...

The Internet is becoming as critical of a tool to business as the telephone. Soon, virtually every type of business in the world will be using the Internet in some way to drive sales, cut expenses and increase productivity. Someone will profit handsomely providing these businesses the Internet services they need. Why not you? By partnering with AIS Media, you could. Get free confidential information now with no obligation.

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