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Boomerang Bucks Franchise

Learn About Boomerang Bucks Franchises

Boomerang Bucks Franchise

Boomerang Bucks - Immediate Income Potential:

  • A proven success story!!!
  • Amazing new concept in the financially rewarding Refund Business
  • Ground floor opportunity for Franchisees

Tired of working for others? This Franchise gives you the opportunity to own your own business without having to go at it alone, or invent an unproven business. Boomerang Bucks gives you the ability to capitalize on giving people back their own money, while earning a generous fee for doing so!

This potentially could be one of the most rewarding Business Opportunities in the world today. We estimate that there is approximately 500 million dollars in refunds nationally for our Franchisees to target.

A Business Model That Is Totally Unique:
Imagine operating one of our Franchises in an exclusive territory populated with government owed receivables of at least $500,000 up to the multi-millions. Use our proven and proprietary system and contact the several hundred (if not thousands) of people owed money in your territory (who's information we train you how to obtain), and ask them if they want their own money back. Who would refuse?

As a Boomerang Bucks Franchisee, you will provide people with the opportunity to receive a refund check which most of your clients thought was lost or too difficult to obtain. You will earn a large percentage of your market by simply following our tried and proven system. The only out of pocket cost to your client is the price of a Notary Public stamp of authenticity as to their true identity.

Imagine the personal satisfaction obtained by not only making an excellent living, but also returning to people what is rightfully theirs; THEIR OWN MONEY.

"Thanks for finding that money for me. You just don't know how much I really appreciate what you have done for me. Thanks a lot and keep up the good job. God will bless you..." -Latasha Franklin, Broward County Florida

"I would like to congratulate one of your staff members for his swift response in handling my refund. My claim was processed in a professional manner and his efforts were performed above and beyond what one would expect with such a claim ..." -Luann Watson, Cocoa Beach, Florida

As you might guess, our proprietary system of recovery program has created an enormous demand for our services. Our guarantee to your clients is simple -If No Money Is Collected on their behalf they owe nothing.

Again we ask, Who Wouldn't Want Our Service?

"I would like to take this time to show my appreciation and to thank you for all of your assistance in helping me to obtain these funds�" - Deborah C Johnson, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

The Boomerang Bucks Advantage:

  • No selling required
  • Client lists provided
  • Affordable start-up capital requirement 
  • Generous fee structure
  • Low overhead
  • No inventory
  • Quick revenue stream
  • Flexible hours
  • Can work from home (recommended)
  • Ground floor opportunity with no known current competition
  • Not affected by seasonal and/or economic trends
  • Protection of exclusive territory
  • Protection of proprietary systems
  • One-week training program
  • Training manual with ongoing support
  • Standardized forms and systems
  • Standardized financial and accounting systems
  • Provides the ultimate service to clients-the return of money

We Teach You How To Make Money:
By using our proven marketing plan you will be contacting several hundred to thousands of people in your local area or assigned territory. The clients will then be following your instructions and filling out the appropriate paperwork. Once a successful refund is completed BOTH YOU AND YOUR CLIENT WILL RECEIVE A CHECK. (We do all the processing for you; your job is to contact the potential client with the offer of our services.)

Again, who would say no to FREE MONEY?

"I would like to take a few minutes to thank your company for its help in retrieving my refund. It has been almost four years and I had forgotten all about it. Thanks to your company I was able to get it back�" - Ronald Williamson, Broward County, Florida

Our program will train and assist you every step of the way. Our method of contacting the clients is quick and efficient. Once you have sent the necessary paperwork to your client you will be amazed in that all you need to do is sit back. WE DO THE REST.

You will be in business in 35 to 60 days and generating a revenue stream almost immediately with our proven Refunding System. After selecting your territory, which in fact can be anywhere in the United States, our method allows the Franchisee the ability to work in any region regardless of where you live. If you can mail and receive a letter you are literally in business, and by the way, all territories are fully exclusive. Boomerang Bucks has a niche business, which is proven, effective, and specific as to the type of Refund. THE BUSINESS REALLY WORKS.

At Boomerang Bucks we deal with specific refunds that typically go unnoticed, and we are experts in dealing with the agencies that issue these checks. This is what WE do; your job is to make contact with the prospective client, follow-up, get in the agreements and wait for a Check!

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