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Colorworks Franchise

Learn About Colorworks Franchises

Colorworks Franchise

Before Colorworks, car owners were faced with expensive and inconvenient visits to a bodyshop for small autobody damage. We thought there was a niche between bodyshop and a detail shop to address minor paint and body repairs. We packaged this in a unique mobile service and the concept took off.

Colorworks meets the needs of the $700 billion automotive industry. Our business is based on the premise that there is a niche between a body shop and a detail shop to address minor paint and body repairs on a mobile basis. The COLORWORKS strategy is to grow with locally owned operators who are motivated to make the most out of their opportunities in their areas, while retaining control over operations.

Colorworks provides services for the cosmetic enhancement of the exterior finish of late model cars and light trucks. Our service is tailored to meet the needs of the franchise automobile dealer who looks for a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing method of touching up minor paint imperfections on their inventory of cars. The success of our program with dealers and retail customers has pushed COLORWORKS into advanced repair services in the automotive aftermarket. COLORWORKS is positioned between a detail service, who undertake washing, waxing and cleaning of cars, and a body shop which repaint complete panels.

Colorworks Addresses the Following Problems of Vehicles:

  • Paint Chips caused by flying gravel on the road,
  • Scratches and Scuffs from other cars or objects disrupting the finish,
  • General Deterioration of the shine due to UV rays, pollutants, or poor care

Colorworks offers franchises as its principal method of distribution. The business concept includes the following characteristics which make it particularly attractive to franchising:

  • We operate in a fragmented industry (autobody/detailing)
  • Our business concept is simple in the sense that we fix cars
  • We are a service business
  • The amount of initial capitalization is low
  • Our inventory requirements are minimal

How Does the Franchisee Fit In:

Our mission pretty well sums up where the franchisee fits into the business. Colorworks will retain a very flat management structure - at most two layers of management above the franchise operators. We are committed to remaining lean at the corporate level so we can continue to keep royalties and service fees at the minimum. Too many franchise operations overburden the network with unnecessary overhead. Colorworks will continue to maintain the franchisee as the main driving force behind the Colorworks system.


Quite simply, we enjoy working with committed, invested "partners" who have a big incentive to make their operation work. Franchising offers us a method of attracting committed people who tend to stay and build with us as opposed to taking a job. At Colorworks, we enjoy working with "job makers" as opposed to "job takers".


  • There are no inventories
  • No bricks and mortar overheads
  • Monday to Friday business
  • High productivity and profitability
  • We operate in a huge market

How It Works

Once your application has been accepted and we have agreed to work together, Colorworks will award you a franchise in a particular territory. You supply a white pick up and some start up capital and we build out your space cap, train you, help you open initial accounts and support you as you go along.

You're In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

The total investment in your Colorworks franchise will include: your customized vehicle complete with all the necessary equipment ($5-7k cost to the franchisee); tools and supplies necessary to run the business; and the Colorworks system and training necessary to run your operation effectively (our franchise fee is $25,000).

This includes all the equipment and tools needed to perform the work, and a set of supplies that will last you through the start up period. We will help you install all the equipment into your built out �space cap� that franchisees get included into their truck lease. Once your training is complete, your truck and cap will be customized, lettered and ready to roll into your own accounts. You will be quite literally "on the road" to opening your own business. You are fully mobile and able to actively take your program to where you find the work.

But the biggest investment will be the investment in time that you will make learning the skills, building your relationships with your accounts and building a business in the communities that you serve. Your time is your most valuable resource and you will be investing your energy, skills and enthusiasm to operate your business.

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