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ContractorsCorner Franchise

Learn About ContractorsCorner Franchises

ContractorsCorner Franchise

ContractorsCorner is an online and offline marketing company. We are the �Best Deal on the Internet Today� for any contractor, supplier or service business looking to establish an internet presence and/or save BIG money on printing. We act as a �Co-Op� for contractors, in that we approach everything we do in a �group� mentality, allowing any contractor to benefit from the �group pricing� we have established. With cutting edge products and services, we have been helping contractors reduce unnecessary overhead and increase profits since 1989! We work with contractors, because we were contractors, and we know how they operate and think. Contractors spend more money on traditional �old-school� advertising than any other type of business, and we�re there to help fill the need.

Now you can capitalize on this once in a lifetime �niche market!� In any area of the country today, there are a never-ending supply of local contractors and service businesses that are placing printing orders and having websites designed for their companies. All you need to do is let them know you exist, and you�re up and running. The sky is the limit! 


�If you have the choice of spending $2000 on your next advertising piece, or $500 for the exact same piece, which one would you choose?�

It�s purely a �monetary� reason: EVERYONE WANTS TO SAVE MONEY! There are literally BILLIONS of dollars spent on advertising everyday throughout the United States, and of the businesses spending the money, 100% would love to pay less!

Once you own your own ContractorsCorner dealership, you too will be able to offer the highest quality, lowest priced printing in town! You will earn an incredible income and build a residual income stream helping companies SAVE MONEY! It doesn�t matter how large or how small the company, you�ll have all the tools in place to offer them a solution for reducing costly overhead�..and you can do it  without a million dollar printing-press, or paper,  or warehouse to store it in�..and you don�t even have to ship it!

�I just got done quoting a printing deal with the company I told you about the other day. If this deal goes through, (which I think it will) we�ll save this company over $160,000 this year! You know what�s better than that? We�ll end up making about $80,000!! Unbelievable!! � ~ Joleigh, Sacramento


ContractorsCorner has created a proprietary way to offer a custom website, domain name, company email and hosting at such a reduced price, that contractors will actually sign themselves up!! Not only do we build them a website, but we then give them FREE advertising & marketing to drive them traffic! Within one day of their website being put online, their customers will be able to find them at the TOP of search-engines like Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista and more.....all for the same price!

Once you learn the ContractorsCorner �system,� you�ll be able to offer every service business in town a cutting edge website, email, domains, hosting and free advertising all for one low price�..and the best part is this:

You don�t need to know a thing about building websites! Our �back-office� handles the entire website building process for you!

From start to finish, we�re there to help facilitate the process, and get your clients websites up FAST! And once their website is up and running, we even handle all future maintenance and upkeep for your clients at�..NO CHARGE TO YOU!

�We sold 240 websites last year. Starting this year we have a built-in residual income of $43,200. If we don�t work this year, we still make $43,200! That�s equivalent to putting $864,000 in the bank, and living on 5% interest.� ~ Gary� Sacramento


As a ContractorsCorner affiliate, you will enjoy advantages that put you significantly ahead of the other independent business owners in your area. You�ll be able to avoid that costly trial-and-error phase that causes so many problems for so many start-up businesses. You�ll have everything you need to run your business! With the ContractorsCorner system, you�ll be able to �hit the ground running� starting on day one!

Our one time investment of $8995 is not expensive, and provides you with a tremendous amount of resources and support for such a small amount of money!

Here�s what you�ll receive:

  1. 2 Day �Contractor Crash Course� Training in Las Vegas, NV
  2. Round-trip airfare, and 3 nights deluxe hotel accommodations
  3. Unlimited and on-going support from the corporate office
  4. Your own 246 page ContractorsCorner website
  5. Your own Domain Name Company
  6. An Exclusive 2 county territory of your choice
  7. Complete step-by-step training manual
  8. 4 Hours of 1-on-1 personal �kick-start  training� with the owner
  9. Complete Printing Package

When we say complete package, we mean complete! The website and printing package alone would cost over $15,000 to duplicate, and the training you�ll receive is priceless.

�Motivate them, train them, care about them, and make winners out of them... they'll treat the customers right. And if customers are treated right, they'll come back.� - J. Marriott Jr.


  1. Meet the Corporate Team
  2. Learn all administrative procedures for day to day operations
  3. Learn the ContractorsCorner �System� in depth
  4. Learn everything you need to know about websites, email,domain names and hosting
  5. Learn why a website is critical for every business
  6. Learn how to take any website to #1 in 15 minutes
  7. Learn how we can offer free advertising to contractors
  8. Learn the �secrets� of discount printing
  9. Learn marketing and advertising strategies that work
  10. Learn simple sales techniques to have clients calling you
  11. Learn how to earn 6-figures your very first year
  12. Learn how to create a residual income stream starting in year 1
  13. Receive everything you need to get started tomorrow, includingall sales literature, presentations and scripts

Once the training is complete, you�ll have all the tools necessary to be a successful business owner with your own �cutting edge online & offline marketing company!� Become a ContractorsCorner affiliate today, and secure an unparalleled reputation as a professional in the website and printing industries.

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