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DVDNow Kiosk Franchise

Learn About DVDNow Kiosk Franchises

DVDNow Kiosk Franchise

DVDNow Kiosk Business Opportunity Information:
Finally, the way that consumers rent movies has been revolutionized and the days of the giant rental stores are numbered. Today�s busy consumer demands convenience and, just as ATMs are the most innovative development in the history of banking, our automated DVD rental kiosks are the logical step in the evolution of traditional video stores.

DVDNow�A revolution in self-service technology
 Automated DVD rental kiosks have taken the European market by storm and in many markets have all but replaced traditional video stores. In the United States the automated DVD rental kiosk industry is in its infancy with kiosks only now beginning to appear as a result of several massive deployments by multi-million dollar companies into fast food, grocery, and convenience store chains.

Convenience is key�
Today�s busy consumer will always try to minimize the number of stops when running errands. Gas stations have added grocery essentials, supermarkets offer pharmacy, florists, and photo processing, and most convenience stores are now offering banking or bill payment machines. Similarly, logic dictates that people are much more likely to rent a new release where it is fast and convenient. Our DVDNow automated DVD rental kiosks are the perfect fit for grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, office buildings and other venues that consumers frequent on a daily or weekly basis as they enable a customer to grab a movie without making an extra stop on the way home.

DVD renting made fun and easy!
Customers can browse through a complete offering of the latest titles, watch movie trailers, and most importantly, avoid a time consuming trip to an overcrowded big box DVD rental store.

Offer only what is in the highest demand�
In a traditional video store, 90% of all movie rentals are new releases. Our automated DVD rental kiosks focus exclusively on the heavily rented, and highly profitable, selection of new titles without the burden of having to carry an inventory of under-producing older movies. The kiosk can even be set to manage your inventory automatically by selling off used DVD�s as a movie�s rental demand diminishes.

A Ground Floor Opportunity�
 At present DVD rental kiosks are primarily deployed and operated by well-financed corporations that are battling over the largest of the fast food, grocery and convenience store chains. Venture capitalists, along with some of the largest and most prominent corporations in America, have invested millions upon millions of dollars in planned large scale deployments of DVD rental kiosks. These are some of the most sophisticated investors in America and they do not make any investment without careful deliberation. Their research, as well the amazing success of the initial kiosks that have been deployed, have proven to them that automated DVD rental kiosks are the future of the DVD rental industry.

Capitalize on a $20 billion DVD industry�
The DVDNow automated rental kiosk enables entrepreneurs to capitalize on the $20 billion DVD industry by allowing them to participate in this exploding market. With our program, independent operators are able to establish a network of state of the art DVD rental kiosks in locations such as grocery and convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and large apartment or condo complexes.

An untapped market�
Our model is to focus on the highly profitable and readily available independent or mid-sized chain locations. These locations are for the most part overlooked as the giants of this industry raise tens of millions of dollars to deploy into only the largest of the chains such as McDonalds and Kroger Grocery Stores. Mid-sized chains and independent locations realize the benefits of offering DVD rentals and are turning to independently operated DVD kiosks to satisfy consumer demand.

How Our DVDNow Terminals Make Money

  • The rental of new release DVD�s! Just like the ATMs our terminals are placed in locations that consumers frequent on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Late fees � you specify the charge per day, return time and late fees and the kiosk software organizes your inventory and bills your customers automatically.
  • DVD sales � our terminals sell off previously viewed titles as the rental demand diminishes. It is also capable of selling new, still shrink-wrapped DVDs.
  • Advertising � multimedia advertisements can be displayed on the kiosk screen and a flyer can be included with the DVD in the jewel case � the perfect fit for a cross promotion with a local delivery restaurant.

Your Future Awaits
Become part of a growing industry where you can make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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