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Daley Promise Franchise

Learn About Daley Promise Franchises

Daley Promise Franchise

Have you always dreamed of taking control of your career and your schedule? Now you can enjoy time with your family, while you work from a home-base, on a flexible schedule and enjoy the potential for a great income! Daley Promise offers you a proven business opportunity that enables you to work smarter, not harder! Stay home with your children, spend time with your family and friends, pursue personal passions, travel, or slow down your life and exit the rat race! This business opportunity offers you a simple, low overhead, and affordable Internet direct sales business. No employees, unlimited passive and residual income, and this is a portable business, only a phone and laptop are needed, so you can travel while running your new business! Products will be shipped by the wholesaler directly to customers, so you will not handle product or shipping.

A Simple Business to Own and Grow…
As the owner of your Daley Promise business, you will market personal development products to customers who contact you through Internet advertisements. On a daily basis, you will follow up by telephone and email with people who saw Internet advertisements and are interested in your business and products.

What does this business require of you? No previous experience is necessary!

You will need to put the following into your new business:

  • Work, effort and dedication.
  • Minimum of 3 hours a day, 4 days a week.
  • Business owner mindset.
  • Being coachable and trainable to follow a simple step-by-step business system to duplicate business activities.
  • Commitment to your goals and persistence in attaining them.
  • Telephone and communication skills.
  • Proficient using the Internet and email.
  • Computer with Internet connection and a phone with an unlimited long distance plan.
  • Current occupation, financial status, age and geographic location are irrelevant. Your desire and motivation to transform your life is the primary factor that determines your success.

This is a Business with a Proven Track Record that Produces Real Results!
This is an Internet direct sales business which offers three popular, in-demand personal development products to customers. You will be the CEO of your own business enterprise, but enjoy the support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Your business is Internet-based and works on auto pilot 24/7, and the compensation system is in favor of you, the marketer. You will be paid first, before the wholesale company. You will not handle product either. The wholesale company will ship the product directly to your customers. This is not multi-level marketing and you will not need to do any cold calling, spamming or sending unsolicited emails, no personal selling or explaining, no high pressure sales methods, no recruiting friends and family, no home parties, no mailing of product samples, no product pre-purchase, no inventory, no one-on-one presentations, no hotel recruit meetings, and no selling potions, lotions, vitamins or medications. This is a proven business with a product that is in demand.

This business can transform your life!

  • You will be provided the tools to seize control of your finances, set and achieve goals, become passionate about life and regain control of your time and circumstances.
  • This business partners practical self-discovery personal development principles with action steps to bring about positive change in your life.
  • You will be taught the "millionaire mindset" to attract success and abundance to your life and in your business.
  • You will join thousands of people within this business community on a journey to personal growth and fulfillment.

A Complete, Proven Business System
You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will receive personal mentoring and coaching via daily training and support. You will also be provided with an automated business tool websites. This business is plug-and-play! No previous experience is necessary!

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