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GTT/FlexPoint Franchise

Learn About GTT/FlexPoint Franchises

GTT/FlexPoint Franchise

Create residual income by becoming a distribution partner with GTT/FlexPoint. Leverage the unmatched profit potential of sweepstakes phone cards to your advantage. By becoming a distribution partner we will help you develop your territory. You will have the largest peel-and-win manufacturer in the world as your support team while you are building your new business and increasing your income. Take a look at GTT/FlexPoint and change your future today. Make us prove it!

GTT/FlexPoint Sweepstakes Phone Card Business Overview:
Are you ready for an opportunity where you don�t need a storefront, tons of employees, or a huge amount of customers to make tons of profit? By becoming a distribution partner with the largest manufacturer of peel-and-win sweepstakes phone cards in the world (GTT/FlexPoint), you are doing more than �buying into a franchise� or �opening up shop.� Most franchise opportunities provide for you everything you need to get your business up and running, which is all well and good, but do they actually help you build your business? GTT/FlexPoint stands out from the rest because we are going to partner with you in getting you up and running and then helping you build your business. Interested? Read on. Don�t believe it? Make us prove it!

What Is A Sweepstakes Phone Card?
 You probably know what a phone card is, and you most likely know what a sweepstakes is, but what is a sweepstakes phone card? Although many people have not heard about the peel-and-win phone card sweepstakes business, it has been around for many years. It all began in the mind of our company�s president about six years ago. Our president, who was at the time the owner of the Southeast's largest CLEC company, came up with an ingenious idea to sell more phone cards. The idea came to him after he saw how much more he visited a certain fast food restaurant when they were running a sweepstakes. He believed that he could sell more phone cards by attaching a sweepstakes to them, and he went even further by having the sweepstakes pay out cash at the point-of-sale. What was once an idea is now a multi-million dollar industry that has definitely paid off when it comes to selling more phone cards.

Why Would You Want to Sell These Cards?
You are doing more than just �selling phone cards.� If you wanted to sell plain old phone cards, you could buy them from just about any phone card distributor or manufacturer in the United States. Only problem is this would not make you nearly the money you will make by becoming a distribution partner with GTT/FlexPoint. Sweepstakes phone cards from GTT/FlexPoint are the hottest selling item in every convenience store, grocery store, bar, lounge, club, VFW, and social club they are placed it.

How does this help you? Well, if you were the one who placed the sweepstakes phone cards in the location, you would be the one making the thousands of dollars per year the distribution partner makes for just that ONE location. Set up more locations, with our help, and you exponentially increase your yearly income.

Why Would a Retailer Carry These Cards?
 Name one item in any store in the country that takes up one square foot of counter space and produce over $13,200 per year in profit. Such an item does not exist outside of sweepstakes phone cards. For a retailer to make that much profit in one year they would have to sell 220,000 cans of soda or 132,000 packs of gum or 52,800 candy bars. When a GTT/FlexPoint distribution partner presents a retailer with this opportunity, the decision is easy � buy the sweepstakes phone cards for their store right then. Since the stores make so much profit off such a small item, they place the sweepstakes phone cards in prominent place on the counter and make sure they sell tons of them. When the store sells tons of cards, you also make tons of money since you are supplying that store. Everybody wins and you now have a loyal customer.

Why GTT/FlexPoint?
If you could buy all your products direct from the manufacturer and skip all the middlemen, you would save incredible amounts of money and receive phenomenal service. You have that opportunity for your business by becoming a distribution partner with GTT/FlexPoint. Receive the highest quality goods, manufacturer incentives, customized training, and effective marketing tools. We provide for you everything you need to get your business started. Then we go beyond that by helping you grow your business. This is why we don�t call our opportunity a �franchise,� and we don�t call you a �distributor� or �wholesaler.� You are truly a partner in business with GTT/FlexPoint. Make us prove it!

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