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Geeks On Call Franchise

Learn About Geeks On Call Franchises

Geeks On Call Franchise

No Computer Experience is Necessary to Join an Industry Leader
Geeks On Call is one of the premier providers of on-site computer services in the United States. Founded in 1999, Geeks On Call began franchising in 2001 and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing franchise companies in the country. In fact, the January 2006 issue of Entrepreneur magazine named Geeks On Call the #1 new franchise company in America. Geeks On Call has developed a strong brand and a significant presence in much of the major markets across the United States, leading to the establishment of several hundred franchises. All of the Geeks On Call technicians are certified, trained, and tested and are easily recognizable in their signature vehicles-blue PT Cruisers emblazoned with the Geeks On Call logo and toll-free phone number. And best of all, no computer expertise is required to become a Geeks On Call franchisee.

The Skyrocketing Demand for Computer Services
Nearly every company in America depends on computers for conducting day-to-day operations, but most small-to-medium-sized businesses cannot afford to have full-time computer professionals on staff. In addition, it has been estimated that over 55% of all homes in America (and 80% of upper-income households) have one or more computers, yet most busy families have neither the time or knowledge to solve their own computer problems. As a result, the demand for high-tech services has skyrocketed, leading to the formation of a computer services/support market worth upwards of a few hundred billion dollars-with its value growing steadily each year. It's no wonder that so many people are eager to grab a slice of this lucrative pie-particularly smart businesspersons who recognize a golden opportunity or talented computer technicians who want to escape the corporate rat race and become their own boss.

Independence Within a Strong Network
The dramatic growth and success experienced by Geeks On Call can be attributed to a comprehensive franchise system that has gone through many iterations as it has been tested, tweaked, and retested. The result is a method by which the Geeks On Call franchisees and the corporate headquarters can work hand in hand to achieve mutual success.

Why Choose Geeks On Call?
There are numerous benefits to joining the Geeks On Call family:

  • Low Cost: Geeks On Call makes it affordable to become your own boss. Unlike other franchise companies that charge exorbitant amounts for a franchise, Geeks On Call has single franchises available starting at approximately $60,000. If you prefer to become an Area Developer and buy multiple territories at once, the approximate costs start at $128,000 (for two franchises). Discounts are available for Area Developers interested in buying three or more franchises.
  • National Call Center: Geeks On Call has a toll-free phone number-1-800-905-GEEK-that its customers can use to make inquiries or schedule appointments. All calls to this number are routed to a call center located at the corporate headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, where a large team of representatives answers the phones, responds to questions from customers, quotes prices for service calls, sets appointments, and wirelessly communicates the details of those appointments to the Geeks On Call technicians all over the nation.
  • Franchisee Training and Support: Geeks On Call has a team of professional consultants who provide meticulous start-up training in two phases: a weeklong "Geek University," and hands-on in-field training. Furthermore, the Geeks On Call Operations Department provides ongoing support for all franchisees in an effort to help them fulfill their potential and reach their goals.
  • Technician Support: Although the Geeks On Call technicians are some of the most skilled and certified computer experts in the nation, they can't possibly know everything about every piece of hardware or software ever made. If a Geeks On Call technician encounters an unusually stubborn technical issue and needs to bounce ideas off a peer, he/she can call a special support hotline made available by the corporate headquarters.
  • Aggressive Marketing: Geeks On Call franchisees enjoy the benefits of strong advertising, marketing, and public-relations campaigns. The Geeks On Call World Headquarters does everything possible to build a recognizable brand that resonates with both the residential and business communities and to position the Geeks On Call franchisees as the "go-to" tech experts in their respective communities.
  • SMB Services: Becoming a successful Geeks On Call franchisee requires more than waiting for crisis calls from customers who are having high-tech emergencies. To that end, the Geeks On Call World Headquarters has designed a system by which franchisees can introduce themselves to local SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) and offer regularly-scheduled support that will keep the SMBs' computers running at peak efficiency and reduce the likelihood of sudden breakdowns.
  • Franchisee Network: The Geeks On Call franchisees are the company's greatest assets. Leveraging their expertise through a Franchise Advisory Committee allows the franchisees and franchisor alike to attain results beyond the status quo.
  • National Footprint: The large national network of Geeks On Call technicians draws its power from unified goals and shared resources, which are benefits you can't get in an independent business venture.

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