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Handyman Matters Franchise

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Handyman Matters Franchise

Handyman Matters - Life is Worth Fixing!

When people ask why remodeling is growing, the answer is very basic arithmetic. There are now in the United States over 100 million housing units, and of that number 70 million are at least 15 years old. Everyone who knows construction recognizes that houses, if they are structurally sound, tend to last forever, but their integral parts wear out on a predictable basis. Roofs wear out in a 15-20 year cycle, kitchens and baths become outdated in about that same time frame, major equipment such as hot water heaters and furnaces wear out on a predictable cycle, and every house needs constant upkeep and maintenance. So, as we add one million new units each year at a minimum, and the existing housing stock gets one year older, there is increasing market for remodeling and renovation.

In the commercial, institutional, and industrial segment there are in this country just under 5 million buildings. Of that number, 60% are over 20 years old, and some 750,000 are at least 60 years old. All real estate needs constant upkeep and maintenance, and thus the market for remodeling, but even more, the market for repair and maintenance.

Consider these statistical factors regarding the specific area of repair and maintenance.
Government surveys of remodeling and renovation show that repair and maintenance is running between 42-45% of the total market. This means that of the approximately $100 billion market, there is $42-45 billion spent on handyman types of services.

In these surveys, 17% of the market is in major replacement, primarily hot water heaters, furnaces, roofs, and other major items. Until recently, window and door replacement was not included in this major replacement category, so it is probably understated. The $8-10 billion replacement window market and the $1-2 billion replacement door market suggest the understatement may be as much as $10 billion.

This type of work can in part be handled by the repair and maintenance (handyman) segment of the industry. So the total for the repair and maintenance market in the residential sector reached around $60-70 billion in the early 1990s.

Over 30% of the residential, remodeling, and repair market is rental property ---- 65 million of the 100 million single-family housing units. In multi-family dwellings, almost all of the work done is in repair and maintenance.

In the commercial, institutional, and industrial segment, there is a need for repair and maintenance on a regular basis. What this means to remodeling and repair is that the number of new shopping centers built will be drastically reduced and the existing space will require repair and maintenance as well as considerable remodeling.

Most studies show that real estate values, with some regional variance, will probably not increase much beyond the rate of inflation. The reasons for this are fourfold:

There will be no tremendous push for new homes for the baby boomers. The 76 million people born between 1946-1964 are now 27-45 years old and most have purchased their first house. Thus, there is no tremendous demand for new homes.

In many parts of the country, particularly the northeast and California, house prices have risen much faster than salaries. In southern California, the median price of a house was $220,000 and the median income was less than $35,000. By contrast, in Houston the median house price was $69,000 and the median income approached $40,000.

All this means that people are much more cost/value oriented when they view the need for remodeling work to be done. When a homeowner's house is going up in value 15-20% a year, and they plan to do a remodeling project, they often will bring the contractor in and tell them to just do it. They will not really care how much it costs. They made $50,000 on their house last year. So there was no emphasis on the cost to value relationship.

When the value of your house is static, deflating, or going up only at the rate of inflation, then more attention is given to whether the remodeling project will offer a pay back if the house needs to be sold within the next 3 years.

Most importantly, it means that more attention is going to be given to taking care of an existing house to make sure it does not deteriorate in value and that it stands the chances of being sold as a mint condition house rather than one that shows deferred maintenance.
Handyman Concept

Things are changing and evolving in the handyman industry at an extremely rapid rate. This industry has had little qualified competition. We have perfected our systems, operation and technology to better address the day-to-day demands of the industry. We never stop developing and improving our system and techniques, it is a continual process. We at Handyman Matters have developed state-of-the-art proprietary software that systematically manages the entire company including scheduling, marketing, dispatch and accounting. This is a very powerful, unique tool and in your hands as a skillful hands-on manager, it provides a customized and proven information system that only a large well established company can afford.

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