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Intelligent Ethanol Systems Franchise

Learn About Intelligent Ethanol Systems Franchises

Intelligent Ethanol Systems Franchise

E85 (ethanol based fuel) is either in your area now or coming soon. There are 133 million cars currently in the US -- 95% of which cannot run on ethanol without our ethanol injection system. You can make huge profits now and an excellent recurring income by distributing our ethanol injection system and related products.

In the process of making incredible profits, you will be helping the world, and most especially, the United States.

Here’s why:

  • Ethanol is less expensive to produce and to purchase.
  • Ethanol is a renewable energy source that is American-grown.
  • Ethanol can be made from corn, grass, straw and/or many other products grown by our own agricultural community.
  • We’re not going to run out of ethanol or the natural products from which it is made.
  • Ethanol is much cleaner and better for the environment than petroleum based fuels.
  • Use of this renewable US grown energy source will allow us to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil

Of the 133,000,000 cars currently on the roads in the US, most cannot run on fuels that are ethanol based. Our patent pending technology is the fix. Most people don’t want to have to purchase a new car in order to drive a cleaner and less expensive auto, all the while knowing they’re donating to the outrageous profits of big oil companies and terrorists.

We offer:

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Exclusive territories
  • Pay for inventory only
  • Enormous profits now -- profits you have only dreamed of…
  • Recurring income from related products
  • Our product allows the user to choose between ethanol or gasoline
  • A product most everyone will need and want
  • Protected by pending patents
  • A legitimate business opportunity with no limitations
  • Home based

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