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Partner On-Call Network Franchise

Learn About Partner On-Call Network Franchises

Partner On-Call Franchise

"Partner" On-Call Network LLC Business Consultants Franchise:

Created in 1974. Improved daily.
Our "Partners" On-Call help clients buy, start, improve, finance, value & sell small and midsize businesses.

Our franchisees level the playing field. If you join us, you will be a Business Buyer Advocate�.

You will have the only system that integrates 4 subjects essential to buyers:

  • Business search
  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Valuation

(And, you'll have 5 other proven sources of revenue.)

Business Buyer Advocacy and the hidden marketplace.
In 1974 I figured out how to access the "hidden" market of small and midsize businesses quietly for sale by-owner. This was important because up to then most business buyers could access only about 20% of the companies for sale, the ones advertised to the general public. When buyers found a seller, they were among a horde of buyers who congregated around the businesses. These buyers cause a bidding war, which means businesses can sell for more than they are worth (which is a good thing if you want to sell your business).

Of course, I had to have a name for my discovery of the way to introduce buyers to businesses for sale on the hidden market and then guide buyers through evaluation and deal making. So I coined a term: Business Buyer Advocate�. Our loyalty is to the buyer - only the buyer.

The idea was working well, so in 1993 I began to clone my consulting practice. I've licensed the use of my business model to independent consulting practices across the USA and Canada. Now we're franchising the business model.

Consider these advantages of becoming a "Partner" On-Call...
Worklife you control. Peer support. Credibility. Competitive advantage. Fast startup. Low investment. Product and client diversification. Strategic Alliances.

What about competition?
Look in the Yellow Pages. Search online. You'll see thousands of listings for business coaches, advisors and brokers. Do you want to join this horde of me-too advisors?

Or would you prefer to stand out from the crowd, so people call you when they want to buy or start a business? And business owners call you when they want to improve or sell their company? These clients look to you because of our unique, proven, proprietary system.

Training & Support

  • Home study course
  • Initial training: in-person @ HQ
  • Start-up and ongoing support
  • Accounting and reporting system
  • Trade secrets and operations manuals
  • Marketing and sales assistance
  • Tools & Resources
  • Creative Financing
  • Additional Resources

Our brand and all the marketing materials that come with it are yours to use for your business. You get brochures, mailers, advertisements - and your own website.

Consultant Testimonials
"After 20 years as a business broker, this is the most comprehensive approach I have seen."

"Becoming an affiliate was one of the best decisions I've ever made. By implementing your system, I've been able to do business with the 'movers and shakers'. I've always wanted to be in the game. Our system has put me there!"

The right people. The right product. The right result.
The most secure investment you could make for your retirement is the business you create for yourself. If you're thinking about being a coach, consultant or business broker, "Partner" On-Call Network will shift your perception and can change your life for the better. The more you learn about our system, the more you'll want to be a "Partner" On-Call.

The 500 year collective experience of our "Partners" On-Call, our testimonials and our products become yours day one, so you can be instantly credible. We give you the brand, system, training, connections, products and ongoing support to run your own unique consulting practice.

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