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QuikDrop Franchise

Learn About QuikDrop Franchises

QuikDrop Franchise

Wow! What a Great Idea!

QuikDrop is a local store dedicated to providing a simple, fast and convenient way to sell items and vehicles on eBay. Customers bring in items or vehicles that they would like to sell. Digital photographs are taken. Descriptions are written and an attractive, detailed listing is placed on eBay. QuikDrop tracks the auction, answers questions from prospective buyers, processes payment, packages the item, and ships it to the winner when the auction closes.

About QuikDrop Franchises
Buying on eBay is relatively easy. Selling is more complicated. Most people don't have the time, desire or the feedback rating to properly handle the selling of items on eBay. At QuikDrop, our franchise model allows you to provide quality listings, prompt reply to email questions, payment processing and shipping services. This, combined with a good feedback rating will get your customers the maximum amount possible for their items. In addition, there are thousands of small and medium sized businesses that regularly have need to liquidate slow moving inventory and product returns. We train you to become an eBay expert and our proprietary software makes it easy to manage your customer base. As the expert in your town, you have unlimited opportunities for helping your community while marketing your business.

Why A QuikDrop Franchise?

  • There is a gigantic demand for our services - Talk about our business model with any of your friends or family and they always say, "Wow, what a great idea." The market potential in the USA alone is over $30 billion per year.
  • Low startup cost - The logo, store design, product line, marketing materials, software etc are already done and tested. The QuikDrop franchise fees are far less than the cost to re-invent the wheel.
  • Lower cost of doing business - Our operational systems and software reduce your cost to run the store and our branding reduces the cost of customer acquisition. 
  • Better exit strategy - When it comes time to sell your business in the future, a franchised business usually sells for much more money. Would you rather sell a sandwich shop or a SUBWAY sandwich shop? Franchises are easier to sell because they typically have an established price point that other locations have sold for and corporate backing for training and operational support.
  • Local field support - QuikDrop puts in place local "Area Developers" who assist in new store openings and provide ongoing support for our systems and procedures.
  • Flat-rate royalty - It's simple, fair and it rewards success. Our job is to develop the business with our franchise owners, not to debate royalties or look for oversights. Royalty agreements based on a percentage-of-sales invariably lead to conflicts, especially if the franchise owner has a pre-existing eBay business.
  • International business strategy - We are already opening QuikDrop stores outside of the USA and will continue to do so. Besides giving foreign QuikDrop stores branded access to USA markets, foreign bidders are more likely to bid on QuikDrop auctions in the USA when they are familiar with our brand. Since most of eBay's growth is international, it is foolish not to participate proactively in foreign markets.
  • It's always the people - The quality of our corporate staff, our area developers and our franchise owners is simply second to none. We continue to attract the finest talent from a variety of disciplines. The best laid plans are all for nothing if you don't have the best people to implement them. We have the best people.

The QuikDrop Advantage
Key components of our model were developed to make the franchise a plug and play operation. First and foremost, QuikDrop developed proprietary software called "QuikFlow." QuikFlow connects each franchise to the QuikDrop network and completely automates administrative operations such as point-of-sale transactions, managing and billing bidder accounts and paying customers for their items. A franchisee can sign-up new customers and pre-set the billing parameters with just a few simple steps. QuikFlow is licensed proprietary software designed and developed by QuikDrop International, and is licensed to all franchisees for their use.

Join The Team!
If you can talk comfortably with people and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, you already have what it takes to attend our training and to successfully run a QuikDrop franchise. No previous eBay selling experience is necessary.

International franchise opportunities are available.

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