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Review & Recovery Corporation Franchise

Learn About Review & Recovery Corporation Franchises

Review & Recovery Corporation Franchise

An enormous number of taxpayers, estimated at over 50 million businesses and individuals overpay their income taxes each year. It has been estimated that the IRS holds billions of dollars in unclaimed overpayments that can be legally refunded to taxpayers by utilizing the filing of amended tax returns, going back as far as three years. R&R Associates have the ability to market this much needed service and much more. Imagine performing valuable services that really help people---and earn a great living too.

It’s a Can’t Lose, WIN—WIN Proposition for our Clients...

Associates of R&R offer a FREE review of the last three years of a client’s income tax filings to determine if errors have been made and if they have a refund coming. It’s FREE, there is NO OBLIGATION, it’s an absolutely NO RISK proposition. The client either receives a refund or has the peace of mind of knowing that their tax preparer did a good job for them. And, when a refund occurs, which is quite often, R&R Associates receive up to 30% of the refund.

There is a LOT MORE on your plate BEYOND the Core Business of R&R…

 R&R Associates offer an unparalleled menu of services, a lot more ways to serve people and to potentially earn enormous dollars.

  • Identity Theft Protection -A huge untapped market of individuals and businesses.
  • Workers Compensation Recovery-Your service saves businesses money - and YOU share in the savings.

    The following requires only a seamless referral from you and YOU PROFIT:
  • Freight Auditing and Recovery - Enormous history of recoveries and savings and you share in the savings.
  • Real Estate Lease Auditing - Huge overcharges routinely found and you share in the savings.
  • Accounts Payable Auditing - It’s estimated that over 90% of invoices are paid with no oversight and overcharges are recovered and you get a share.
  • Utilities Auditing - In today’s energy environment it is almost routine to find overcharges and you share in the recoveries and savings.
  • Travel Management Auditing - In today’s business environment with travel costs sky rocketing, we save businesses money and you share in the savings.
  • Hiring/Business Tax Credits - Many companies qualify for credits as government agencies start and stop programs all the time and you share in the savings.
  • Document Fleet Management - Businesses spend billions of unnecessary dollars on copiers, paper and copier supplies. We find---and you share in the savings.
  • Healthcare Audits - For self insured companies we can often find enormous savings and you share in the savings.
  • Business Loans/Lease Financing and Mortgages - We have the finest financing sources in the country and you share by referring them.
  • Training & Support

    Your initial, one day “Quick Start” R&R Training Session is conducted personally by Jerry Foreman, President of R&R. Jerry will teach you how to open the doors to vast amounts of potential business by using the tried and true techniques he and other R&R Associates have developed. But, it doesn’t end there---you will conference by appointment with R&R strategic partners for additional training and support. You will be mentored every step of the way.

    You will receive business cards, brochures, and printed materials to help you launch and run a successful R&R Financial Consulting Business.

    Grow Your R&R Business

    Perhaps someday, you’d like to build your R&R business beyond just your own efforts. There is no charge to you to add members to your very own R&R Team. The generous payouts afforded to you allow you to bring others into the business and profit from their efforts---NOT multi-level marketing.

    Move Forward Bonuses

    Qualified purchasers of the R&R Executive Associate Business Model are, per the Terms of the R&R Move Forward Bonus Certificate, eligible to receive outstandings bonuses. Talk to us for the exciting details!

    Who Qualifies for the R&R Opportunity?

    Qualified purchasers of the R&R Executive Associate Business Model are, per the Terms of the R&R Move Forward Bonus Certificate, eligible to receive outstanding bonuses. Talk to us for the exciting details!

    R&R accepts for consideration into the R&R family any financially qualified individual that R&R deems as a person to be professional in their behaviors and who maintains high ethical standards. Our consideration of people inquiring about the R&R opportunity is without regard to race, creed, gender, or religion. R&R does not discriminate in any way other than judging what R&R considers the attributes necessary to be an R&R Associate as explained above; however, it is our experience that individuals under the age of thirty are not usually good candidates for our opportunity. We advise that those individuals contact us when they have had more life experience and seasoning.

    How Do I Pay For The Business?

    The Refund Guarantee

    No purchaser of the R&R business opportunity shall ever pay more than a 10% deposit prior to attending the R&R “Quick Start” Training Program---and any deposit received by R&R prior to attending a training session shall be REFUNDED in full if the prospective Associate elects, at the end of the training session, to not join R&R.*

    * Refund policy is predicated on attendee of training session executing a Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement on behalf of R&R to ensure that attendee is not acting on behalf of an R&R competitor, or seeking to use R&R intellectual property or trade secrets to compete with R&R.

    I Need More Information

    I am often told that this page doesn’t provide enough information. Well, it’s just one page and therefore, very limited. I will be pleased to provide you with the R&R website address, my email address and toll free phone number. There is no way the R&R story can be told completely in print. We are in a people business and that means that you and I need to communicate with each other on a personal level.

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