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Wacky Fun Factory Franchise

Learn About Wacky Fun Factory Franchises

Wacky Fun Factory Franchise

Wacky Fun Factory Vending Business Opportunity Information:

Could You Use a Few Thousand Dollars Extra Every Month?

Talk About A Sweet Opportunity!

You can be your own boss, set your own hours and make an outstanding income at the same time with Wacky Fun Factory's candy vending machines. Take the Wowie Zowie, a gumball machine that's so much more. Billed as:

"entertainment vending at its best," the machine features attention grabbing graphics, music and an action packed kinetic gumball show. Our kinetic gum or candy machines feature a customizable sound chip, live action, music and much more. The Wowie Zowie Gum Machine is the best in the industry!

How does the Wacky Work?

Out of sheer and adults will line up around the Wacky Fun Factory waiting to put in their money. It's the attention grabbing graphics, music and fascinating design of the machine that attracts the crowd. The money drops, the handle turns, a train whistle blows and suddenly the crowd is treated to a kinetic entertainment show that transforms a little piece of candy into a spellbinding acrobatic missile.

New Financing Plan Available

  • 100% financing available for new or used equipment
  • Bundle multiple products
  • Low minimum finance amount
  • Immediate turn around on all applications
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • High approval rates

In the last hour, while you have been surfing the Internet, over 15 million quarters went into vending machines in the United States alone. These passive income producers allow their owners to enjoy the profits, while machines are working 24 hours a day!

Benefits of Becoming A Wacky Fun Factory Operator:

  • Small Capital Investment
  • Our Expertise Provided - Your success means our success!
  • Average Time Spent Per Week - 5 hours!
  • Low Risk - You can build your business part-time without having to quit your current job.

How Your Wacky Business Will Work For You:

Your new business will revolve around the creative / entertainment ability of the Wacky Fun Factory Machines to draw crowds and of course - attract cash! All of our kinetic units are built to be a real workhorse that will operate day and night to sell your products.

While your primary duties will involve simply stocking your machines and collecting all the money, there are other functions of your business to consider:

Establishing An Account
Remember, you are not trying to sell anything. You are providing a business location with the opportunity to make money for doing absolutely nothing. You furnish the machine, maintain the unit, supply the product and write them a commission check every month. You are helping them to turn 2 square feet of dead empty space into cash.

Placing your machine is simply a matter of selecting a high traffic location like a mall, amusement park, family fun center, airport, skating rink, restaurant or any place people gather. The most powerful tool you have for locating the unit is demonstrating the machine itself. If you simply try to verbalize what you have by telling them about your "kinetic entertainment machine"- they just kind of stare at you with this blank look on their face. Most people don't know what "kinetic" means. They have no idea what you're trying to say. But when they actually see the Wacky in action; they love it! The lights, action, music, and excitement gets them every time. When they actually see the unit, they understand the machine's value as an attraction and benefit to their business.

Placing Your Machines On Location
The new model :Wowie-Zowie only weighs 165 pounds empty. It can easily be handled with a simple hand truck by a small lady. Many Wacky operators transport their machine using a pick-up truck or van. Once on location, load your product, wipe the machine down, plug it in and watch it work! While you are there, spend a few minutes to chat with the manager and say hello to all the employees. Hand out some samples ...make friends and have some fun. Believe us, once you show up with the Wacky, they will all gather around and ask a zillion questions and want to see the unit do all its tricks! Just some PR. Have a handful of quarters ready, dole them out, let everyone have a good time.

Recordkeeping / Collecting The Money
Most experienced vending operators agree that a system of cash control should be established from the very first day you start your business. There are a number of excellent software programs which can help organize your accounting and generate daily collection reports. A word of caution, don't let large amounts of cash accumulate in the machine. If the location is in a mall or amusement park, expect to make collections at least every 5 days. Also...consider keying your machine with the "baby-sitter" set up. That is key the product loading door different from the cash-door. That way, you can send a "baby- sitter" or route driver with the key to load the product into your machine. They only have access to the product, but you keep the key to the cash door and make all the money collections yourself.

Maintaining Your Wacky
Your Wacky comes from the factory with a One Year Warranty. This includes all moving the controller. If you have a Customer Service immediately. A new part can usually be sent UPS or FedEx the same day. Replacing parts involves common hand tools and is not difficult. The machine comes with a manual written by the factory reps who have included a great section on troubleshooting. There is a telephone number in the front of your manual direct to the factory. Maintenance of the Wacky is not exactly rocket science stuff ...but you might need some assistance every now and then. Don't hesitate to call.

Product Supplies - Gum / Candy
One of the first questions you will be faced with is "Where do I buy product for my Wacky machine?" Well...very simply the choice is yours. Most Wacky operators purchase from candy/gum wholesale companies. Depending on your area, the gum (1430 count) will cost about 1.2 cents each. You sell it for 25 cents...that gives you over an 1000% mark-up!

Remember, the most valuable asset you have as a new Wacky Fun Factory operator is the Wacky Fun Factory and it's staff. We have gone to extreme measures to help you build your business to whatever level you want to grow it. We have gone out of our way to hire some of our most successful operators, move them and their families, and give them the tools to help them help you grow your own enterprise.

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