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Wine Loft Franchise

Learn About Wine Loft Franchises

Wine Loft Bar Franchise

Wine Bars- The Hottest Trend To Hit This Country Is Here To Stay!

"The explosion of Wine Bars across the country continues, gaining momentum every day. Almost three years ago, we wrote that this was a hot trend, but we had no idea how hot it would become."
2/06 Dorothy Gaiter, The Wall Street Journal

The Wine Loft was created after having spent years in full service restaurants and understanding that as the restaurant business becomes more competitive:

  • Profitability was shrinking.
  • Headaches associated with low-skilled labor were growing.
  • It was becoming increasingly more difficult to recruit competent upper-level management.

With the first location opened in March of 2003, the business model has been refined and has been proven in several markets. The Wine Loft Wine Bar capitalizes on the Wine Bar craze sweeping through North America by offering a first class franchise program.

The Wine Loft's Competitive Advantages:

  • No Retail - We believe the idea of combining retail with a wine bar experience is as bad as drinking wine from a box. Enjoying wine in a wine bar encompasses all senses and as much thought has gone into our music selection, our ambience, appearance of our team, style of wine glasses, our furniture, as has in the construction of our Wine List and Food Menu.
  • Efficient Operation - A Traditional Wine Loft Wine Bar operates with 1 Operator (manager or franchisee), 1 Chef, and a service staff of less than 20 persons. We encourage most of our Service Staff to work part-time as this keeps them more motivated about their jobs.
  • Low Start Up Costs - Unlike a traditional restaurant, most States do not require The Wine Loft Kitchens to include exhaust hoods and below ground grease traps. Additionally, our desired locations are down-town urban settings where we can implement with a unique "soho sheik" design capitalizing on the natural architectural aesthetics.

Qualities Of An Ideal Wine Loft Franchisee:

  • Entrepreneurial Experience in either small business or in the hospitality industry.
  • Must have a Passion for Service and understand that our customers come first!
  • Enjoys wine and the Social Experiences associated with the consumption of wine.
  • Enthusiastic about building a brand and a commitment to Execution with Excellence.
  • Community Involvement- Our franchisee must be a part of the community. We are not a chain store and refuse to be perceived as such.

Advantages Of Our Franchise Program:

  • A Proven Business Model - It works. Ask a franchisee.
  • Beverage and Culinary Program - We provide franchisees with 60 selections that have to be offered by the glass and allow them to carry up to 80. We provide 200 selections that have to be offered by the bottle and allow them to carry as many as they can manage. We also have developed a Culinary driven menu of 18 items with less than 120 ingredients.
  • Royalties Are Covered - Like every franchise we charge a Royalty; however, through our unified purchasing program the franchisee more than saves twice the Royalty Contribution.
  • Promotion - We offer several promotions including Three Major Marketing Events and a serious of In-house Promotional Events.
  • Wine Training And Support - We work closely with the local purveyors to make sure that the Service Staff understands the products we sell. This training is backed by Sales Contests and incentive programs to encourage the Staff learn about wine.
  • Continuing Education - The Wine Loft University Program provides an on-line certification program for your staff. From the day we begin our training we benchmark their knowledge and provide advanced training opportunities including visits to wineries in the US and abroad.

The Wine Loft Is Looking For Franchisees Who Have An Enthusiasm For Service And A Passion For Business.

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