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Help & Instructions For The Franchise Opportunity Calculator Software

Franchise Opportunity Calculator Help

Entering Franchise Expenses & Income Information

Important Note: You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 on your computer for Franchise Opportunity Calculator to work.

  • First, in the loan box, enter your franchise loan value, interest rate (i.e. 10.5), and term (i.e. 30). Now, if you want to calculate the franchise loan with interest only payments for X years, check this option and enter the number of years X. To enter a change in rate or additional payment, check the appropriate option, and enter the year of the change and the amount.
  • Now, you may click calculate or continue to enter cash flow information.
  • In the Totals box, Enter Cash IN Flows in under Cash+
  • Enter Cash OUT Flows (expenses) out under Cash-.
  • Note: The first column is for the name of the cash flow, and the second is for the amount. The name may be left blank.

Calculating The Franchise Opportunity and Printing Information

  • Click calculate and the monthly expenses, cash inflow totals, and loan schedule will be calculated.
  • You may print the franchise loan amortization table only by clicking Print, or print the entire form by clicking Print Form.

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